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If you’ve been here before you know I sure love one thing in this whole wide world, and that is everything Italy-related. I’ve visited the country so many times, lived and studied there for a while, and I always go for the best Italian everything. Italy subscription boxes included!

Here’s the thing, when you cannot travel to Italy no matter the reason, you’ll want to bring Italy to you, right? At least that’s what I always do – especially after moving to Hong Kong and Seoul, from where it is much harder for me to travel all the way to Italy than it was when I lived in Romania

See, there are many options for traveling to Italy without leaving your house or town, from reading a book set in Italy to going on a virtual tour, or even making an Italy related gift

And of course, an Italy subscription box you would get on a monthly or quarterly basis will bring you just a little bit of la dolce vita right at your place. 

That’s why I did the heavy lifting for you and chose some of the best options available on the market for you to choose from!

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The best Italy subscription box ideas

Gusto di Roma

Vest Italy subscription boxes

A box packed with delicious Italian sweets and savories combined in order to satisfy every taste, even the most demanding of you. 

You can choose to receive them on a monthly basis, but also every 2 or 3 months.

With each box, you will get 5-6 gourmet Italian treats ranging from salami by artisan manufacturers, biscotti from Tuscany, olives in sea salt brine from Abruzzo, grilled vegetables in extra virgin olive oil from Calabria, fruit jam from Trentino-Alto Adige, pistachio cream and chocolate bars with cinnamon from Sicily.

Nothing compares to the taste of authentic Italian delicacies!

Check it out here!

Italian Cheese subscription box

I’m a sucker for cheese, especially a delicious one like the type you find in Italy. 

While I lived there I got to taste so many kinds of cheeses and would always have some in my fridge: from provolone, to fior di latte, Pugliese burrata, the classic mozzarella, parmesan, or fontina. 

Whenever I manage to go back, I always enter one of the small shops where you can only find cheese and meats – the smell in those places cannot be challenged by anything. 

That’s why a cheese subscription box is a great idea in my opinion. With this box, you’ll get approx. 1.5 pounds of 3 different kinds of cheese selected from various regions of Italy, like Piedmont, Tuscany or Umbria. 

You’ll get a monthly delivery and can choose for a 3-months, 6-months, or 12-months period. 

Check it out here!

A coffee subscription box

Italian coffee in Positano

I absolutely love coffee and good coffee is luckily not hard to find. However, no coffee compares to the one I usually have in Italy. 

At one point I even went to a presentation held at the Italian Cultural Center in Bucharest where they talked about the process of making coffee and its importance in the Italian culture. I came back with lots of valuable information and during my stay in Trieste, I’ve become obsessed with the strong taste of the coffee. 

Sure, there are so many things to factor in when talking about good coffee, it’s not only about the beans, but that is one major part!

That’s why a good coffee subscription box will save you time and money while offering you the best coffee like the one in Italy. 

Illy has a perfect option available and I would always choose them because they come from Trieste and I have a soft spot for the town in Northern Italy. With this subscription, your favorite coffees are delivered directly to your door, on a schedule you choose. Enjoy special savings, free shipping, and more. Check it out here!

When you want to support local businesses, go for La Colombe offers 2 great boxes: one with full-bodied roast, and the other with floral vibes. Their story is inspiring, and their coffee-making carries some of the Italian heritage. 

A 3rd great option would be Coffee Perks. They connect you with coffee from the nation’s top roasters — delivered to your door, on your schedule. 

EatTiamo – Cook Italian Food at Home

Enabling you to cook great Italian food at home, by ordering the EatTiamo box you’ll get a box coming from a different Italian region with 7 full-size gourmet food products to cook a full meal for 4 people and all the instructions you need to discover the chef inside you in an easy and funny way.

You sign up not only for some great products but also for a new exciting experience every month. 

Check it out here!

Sicilian Extra Virgin Olive Oil Experience

Oh, olive oil! Who thought there would be so many types and tastes for this liquid gold? 

Every now and then we make our way to a good Italian restaurant in town, just to taste the bitter strong olive oil with the hot fresh baked bread. 

If you don’t want to go through such a hassle, register for one of these olive oil subscription boxes: 

In Italy, but also in Greece, people use olive oil for everything, and that’s one of the secrets to the delicious food they make there. 

Italian Connoisseur

What is in the box?

A curated selection of three Italian delicacies. Often times we will feature a specific region like Piedmont, Tuscany, or Umbria. In other months we might compare similar items from multiple producers or regions.

On top of that, each month you’ll get the Italian Connoisseur Newsletter, explaining the month’s theme, and the history and relevance behind each product.

Check it out here!

A wine subscription

Hands down one of the best wines in the world come from Italy. And why not skip the supermarket one and have some of the best? 

With a wide range on the market, Vitium Wine Club and Plonk Wine Club are 2 of my favorites.

Vitium Wine Club offers Italian wine from small producers, hand-picked and packed. By ordering from them you can choose to support local winemakers when you cannot get to them, while also tasting the real Italian flavors. Check out their offers here!

Plonk Wine Club offers an expert selection of hidden gems, sustainably grown wines culled from every corner of the globe and delivered to your doorstep. While you won’t always get Italian wine, I’m sure there’s plenty of that, along with other hidden gems from places like Croatia, Hungary, Greece, or Slovenia. Check out their offers here!

Luxury Organic Skincare Made in Italy

One of the only Italian skincare subscription boxes available out there!

A themed box of carefully selected high-quality full-size skincare products shipped to you every two months. Try in every box a luxurious skincare routine, discover the benefits of clean organic Italian brands, with their precious ingredients. Curated skincare from Italy, to detox and nourish your skin.

Check it out here!

Sow & Grow Italian Veggie

100% Organic Italian seeds so you can plan and grow your herbs at home. 

Each month you will get three selected seed varieties you can grow indoors or outdoors. They are chosen based on the time of the year and you get all the necessary tools and information to plant and grow your little herb garden. 

Check it out here!


Best Italian subscription boxes

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