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Are you considering visiting the stunning Cinque Terre and don’t know where to stay? No matter if you are spending one night or more, I have gathered the absolute best places to stay in Cinque Terre: split by town and destination. 

You’ll find traditional hotels, apartments set in historical buildings with a panoramic terrace, luxury hotels, and hidden gems.

Choosing a place to stay in Cinque Terre villages involves considering the unique characteristics of each of the five charming villages, ultimately tailoring your accommodation choice to your preferences and travel style.

Monterosso al Mare is the largest village, offering sandy beaches and a vibrant atmosphere, making it suitable for those seeking a lively coastal experience.

Vernazza, with its picturesque harbor and medieval charm, is ideal for those wanting a romantic setting.

Corniglia, perched on a cliff, provides a quieter and more secluded atmosphere.

Manarola is renowned for its colorful buildings and dramatic seaside views, attracting photographers and artists.

Riomaggiore, the southernmost village, has a quaint and authentic feel, perfect for those seeking an intimate experience.

Consider factors such as proximity to the train station, ease of access, and the type of accommodations offered—whether it’s a cozy bed and breakfast, a boutique hotel, or a vacation rental.

Each village has its unique appeal, ensuring a memorable stay amidst the breathtaking landscapes of Cinque Terre.

But let’s take them one by one and help you choose the best place to stay.

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Best place to stay in Cinque Terre

Where to Stay in Cinque Terre: Best Towns & Hotels

Before we start looking at accommodation options for each village, here are a few things I always have in mind as I book my hotel. 

I always check for hotels or apartments with a central stunning location, in the historic center, or at least one that offers some fantastic views from the terrace or window. Depending on the budget, I love a stylish hotel with a swimming pool or a private terrace. 

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If that’s what you are looking for, have no fear, for my recommendations, I always check reviews and impressions from previous guests. 

Another thing to have in mind when looking for the best place to stay in Cinque Terre is that most villages are set up the hill which might be challenging for people with mobility issues.

You’ll get the panoramic views but you’ll have to put in the leg work and climb all those stairs.

If you don’t have the time to go through all the post, here is your answer in a nutshell:

VillageReason for staying
RiomaggioreThe liveliest town, closest to La Spezia, stay here for the nightlifeBook here!
ManarolaVoted by many the most beautiful of the 5 villages in the Cinque Terre, stay here for the peace and quietBook here!
CornigliaPerched up on the hill, this is the less popular village in the Cinque Terre; perfect for hikingBook here!
VernazzaThe most popular village in the Cinque Terre, the starting point for hiking trailsBook here!
Monterosso al MareFor beach lovers and families, here you can also find the most hotel optionsBook here!
The best town to stay in the Cinque Terre

Monterosso al Mare – where to stay for the beach or when you travel with your family

My complete guide to Cinque Terre

The first little town if you are coming from Levanto, and the most different from all the others, Monterosso is where you will have the possibility of staying at the beach as well if that is what you’re in for. Just don’t expect sand, because that’s not what you’ll find.

Even though different from all the other Cinque Terre towns, Monterosso is definitely a typical Italian town, with beautiful colorful narrow streets, lots of places to eat, do apperitivo or just have a gelato.

The town is split between the New Town (where the train will leave you and where the beach is) and the Old Town (the charming side of the city) and has the best beach in Cinque Terre.

The buildings here are not as iconic as the ones in Manarola for example, but if you have a few hours to spare, make sure not to skip Monterosso because it will charm you for sure.

Hotels in Monterosso al Mare

Hotel Porto Roca

The best choice you could make when you are looking for a hotel in Monterosso al Mare. While this hotel is not exactly in the historical center, it offers an outdoor swimming pool with spectacular views of the Ligurian Sea. It is one of the few hotels with an infinity pool in the Cinque Terre.

Set 5 minutes away from the center, and right next to the start of the hiking Blue Trail, the hotel has a beautiful garden and is hosted in an old Italian villa. They also offer free wifi, a shuttle bus from the airport, and rooms with great views.

Locanda Il Maestrale

The stay in this 18th-century villa will not disappoint and neither its location is right in the heart of Monterosso. By staying here you won’t be far from the train station so that you can plan your itinerary without a car.

It is a traditional hotel, run by a family where you will be less than 100 m away from the beach and will have access to the beautiful garden.

Albergo Suisse Bellevue

This hotel had me as soon as I saw the terrace with the wonderful views over the sea. The property is high up at the edge of Monterosso, which might not be for everyone, but it is perfect when you want to escape the crowds.

However, the hotel has a free daily shuttle that brings guests to the city and back on multiple occasions.

Apartments in Monterosso al Mare

Manuel’s Guest House

It is sure worth climbing the stairs all the way to this place because the views you’ll get, the delicious Italian breakfast, the hospitality of the hosts are just amazing. And all of it at a very reasonable price. 


Trust the name of this place because here you will get sun and sea from that beautiful rooftop terrace. It is a family-run accommodation set in the center of everything, within walking distance to the beach, restaurants, and supermarkets.

Zia Letizia Bed And Wine

Don’t be fooled by the name, you will get much more than a bed and wine at this stunning place. Rooms have a beautiful and cozy interior design, and you will have access to a rooftop terrace with sunbeds and amazing views of the city and the sea.

Vernazza – the most popular destination in Cinque Terre

My complete guide to Cinque Terre

When we first took the train from Levanto everyone was asking about Vernazza, that’s how we figured this was one of the most popular towns for travelers. For travelers to stay in, that is.

And when we got here, later on, we discovered one of the most beautiful places indeed with lots of pretty buildings, stranded on the cliffs in the most iconic manner possible, and views that would take your breath away.

All that, with the hectic buzz owed to the hundreds of people running around the streets.

Here you will find one of the most photogenic sites in the Cinque Terre with stunning views of the colorful villages, and the starting point for some of the best hikes.

Hotels in Vernazza

Admittedly, there are literally 2 hotels in Vernazza, with all the rest being guesthouses and affittacamere (“rooms for rent” in a literal translation).

Albergo Barbara

Has a perfect location right next to the small and beautiful beach, but you shouldn’t expect much from the interior. Rooms are simple and some have access to a shared bathroom, so you must pay attention when reserving.

Hotel Gianni Franzi

One of the best affordable hotels in Vernazza, with an excellent location right below the Doria Castle – one of the main sites in town.

They also feature a restaurant with local cuisine and a sun terrace with a sea view. The previous guests appreciated the help they received from the host and all the valuable information they were willing to share with travelers.

Apartments in Vernazza

Seaview Apartment in Vernazza

A three-bedroom traditional Italian apartment that will host up to 6 people, set in one of the few buildings with a sea view in Vernazza.

The best advantage? The stunning Instagrammable terrace from where you can enjoy breakfast or see the sunset with a glass of Italian wine.

You will also be steps away from the beach in Vernazza.

Lassu Apartment with View

Just steps off the Cinque Terre hiking trail and fairly close to the railway station, this apartment will charm you with its beautiful terrace overlooking the town and the sea. Because having a view of the Cinque Terre is mandatory.

The apartment has 2 bedrooms, a living room, and 2 bathrooms you can have all to yourself.

La Polena Camere Vernazza

You might not get the cliche village view, but nothing compares to the sea view you will have from every room, no matter if it is from the window or the terrace.

On top of that, the place is spacious and centrally located, perfect for your vacation in Cinque Terre.

Corniglia – the only village up on the mountain, where to run from the crowds

My complete guide to Cinque Terre

Maybe the less touristic town of the 5, mainly because of the hundreds of stairs you need to climb from the train station and the fact that the city is not reachable by sea, Corniglia holds a special vibe to it.

I felt that this was the most authentic Italian village of the 5, with locals sitting around in the small Piazzetta where we stopped for a glass of wine and delicious focaccia, talking between themselves in the local dialect and just making the best out of a beautiful April afternoon.

Hotels in Corniglia

AMARE IL MARE Affittacamere

Rooms with a spectacular view and special interiors will make you feel that the owners have put much thought into decorating.

Wine lovers will appreciate the bathroom sink, and all guests will be happy to know that the location offers free parking if you travel by car and want to avoid the 350 stairs from the train station.

Locanda Il Carugio

A 3-star affordable hotel, with a garden and a terrace, in the heart of Cornigila. Everything is new and modern, so this is the place to choose if you are not into the more rustic Italian houses.

Guests loved the breakfast here and the rooftop terrace.

Apartments in Corniglia

Affittacamere Arbasia De Ma

If you don’t want to climb all the stairs from the station and arrive in the evening, the staff will pick you up and help you get to the accommodation without having to carry your luggage on the stairs.

If, however, you arrive by car, you will have a free parking space available. Rooms are clean and the owners change the towels daily during your stay.

Cecio 5 Terre Rooms

I absolutely love the view you get over the picturesque town from both the window and the terrace of this apartment.

The interior is classic and standard for Italian apartments, but you will be in the right place to watch the sunset over the vineyards.

Manarola – the perfect views in Cinque Terre

My complete guide to Cinque Terre

Voted by many the most beautiful of the 5 villages in the Cinque Terre, Manarola is a very small yet very charming seaside town.

We got here on an early Monday morning, just before all the buzz and fuss, and got to enjoy a delicious breakfast near the sea, before everything else was open and the tourists came flooding the town.

Indeed the views from Manarola are amazing, but the city center (which is only one street with restaurants, bars, and shops on both sides) is very crowded.

If you’re looking for some peace and quiet, take the street climbing on the left side from the tunnel leading to the train station and you will find both an oasis of chill and also some perfect views over the city.

Hotels in Manarola


Stylish rooms, with air conditioning and a terrace with a perfect city view. Truth be told, you will be a bit far away from Canneto Beach in Manarola, but that is only a 10-minute walk and you will need it after all the delicious Italian food.

The hotel staff is amazing, and most guests appreciated Francesco, the owner, and its helpful information.

Il Sogno di Manarola by The First

Very modern rooms with an eye for detail and the honeymoon suite has a romantic jacuzzi inside. The hotel has a rooftop terrace with sunbeds perched on the rocky cliffs offering a stunning sea view, while on the other side, you can admire the colorful village.

Be prepared for a hike up to the hotel, but it will all be worth it once you get there!

La Torretta Lodge

Enjoy the city and sea views from the comfort of your own terrace jacuzzi. Have breakfast on the sunny terrace, or indulge in the free aperitivo that the hotel offers every evening.

The interior design of this small hotel is exquisite and perfect for some pictures that will catch anyone’s attention.

Apartments in Manarola

Aria di Mare – The View

A splendid apartment with an amazing view, with an ideal size to host a family. The host will help you with all kinds of information from shop opening times, to hikes and difficulty, but also with a description of each restaurant in town and its specialty.

You will have a fully equipped kitchen for when you spend more than just a few days in Cinque Terre.

L’Attico GIALLO ORO di Giulia

An authentic Italian apartment, with a modern interior that somehow manages to keep the original charm. You simply cannot get a better view than the one you will have from the balcony of this apartment.

Breakfast snacks and coffee are provided by the host, along with valuable information for your perfect vacation.

Riomaggiore – colorful houses and Michelin star restaurants

day trip Cinque Terre

The village we chose to stay in as we visited for the first time, and the Southernmost town packed with colorful houses.

Mainly because of its size, stretching way beyond the small port, and all the way up to the rugged cliffs, Riomaggiore offers also budget options for accommodation.

Another reason for choosing Riomaggiore as your base camp in Cinque Terre is the fact that it is not as crowded as the other fishing villages. On top of that, from here you will be only one train stop away from La Spezia and close enough to go on a day trip to Pisa or even Florence.

In the small port, you can join all the other sunset enthusiasts and find a spot on the rocks from where you can indulge in one of the best views you’ll ever see: that warm light playing around with the colors of the diverse buildings perched on the hills of Riomaggiore.

Right before you step on the small beach, you’ll find 2 restaurants with delicious and fresh seafood and fish. Make sure to reserve your table in advance.

Hotels in Riomaggiore

Hotel Villa Argentina

A simple hotel with a wonderful location close to the center of Riomaggiore, and an easy walk to the train station.

Choose this place if you don’t want to climb lots of stairs and want to be in the center of it all.

Apartments in Riomaggiore

Stellio Affittacamere

Incredible hospitality in the heart of Riomaggiore. Close to the train station, with a central location, and great dining. On top of that, it overlooks the marina and sea.

Alla Marina Affittacamere

It cannot get better than this, right in the Marina of Riomaggiore with a colorful view under your eyes. And the best part? Not hundreds of stairs to climb to get to this place.

Extra town: Porto Venere – the hidden-gem town of Cinque Terre

Italy Virtual tours

Even though it’s hard to choose between all the incredibly beautiful towns in Cinque Terre, I would risk saying Porto Venere is one of the nicest. Narrow streets, chic stores with local merchandise, and incredible fresh pasta with freshly made pesto. 

I could tell I would love this place even as we were approaching the colorful line of buildings on the seafront.

Since the town is not literally part of the 5 Terre, you cannot reach it by train and you will have to drive or take the boat to Porto Venere.

Since it is not such a popular place with tourists, you will find mainly locals strolling around and I can imagine it is not so crowded as night approaches. There’s even a somewhat bigger beach as compared to the ones in other beautiful villages.

Where to stay in Porto Venere

Villa Argia

You’ll have a beach close by, the streets are packed with small shops with local produce and handmade products, and the food is delicious. Here is where I ate one of the best ice creams in my life. 

Coming back to the villa, the place is suitable when you travel with your family or more friends since it accommodates up to 8 people. 

Its elegant interior is complemented by a seawater pool and a patio where you can enjoy your breakfast. 

Affittacamere la Tortuga

An amazing location with a beach just down the stairs only minutes away, a beautiful terrace covered in wisteria during the spring, and a delicious traditional breakfast.

Luxury apartments, perfect for when you want a romantic vacation, or when you travel with your family.

What is the cheapest town to stay in Cinque Terre Italy?

Riomaggiore is probably the cheapest town to stay in Cinque Terre, but that doesn’t mean that you won’t find affordable options in all the other villages. 

Mostly because it is the largest village, you will have plenty of apartments and B&B’s to choose from in Riomaggiore. And as you will go further up the hill and away from the Train Station, prices might decrease. 

What is the prettiest town in Cinque Terre?

Naming one of the 5 towns as the pretties would make a huge injustice to all the other ones. Most offer stunning views, green hills, houses with lovely gardens, and cute small beaches. 

That being said, Manarola has been considered by many as the prettiest town in Cinque Terre, in a back-to-back fight with Vernazza. 

The Most Charming Luxury hotels Cinque Terre

As you might have seen so far, there aren’t many options when it comes to luxury hotels in the Cinque Terre. There are, of course, luxury options available, but maybe not hotels in the way you expect.

However, here are a few of the best luxury hotels in Cinque Terre.

Grand Hotel Portovenere

A 5-star hotel with spectacular views, a terrace overlooking the small port, and friendly and helpful staff.

A magical place anyone looking for luxury hotels in Cinque Terre must consider.

Park Hotel Argento

Another hotel that is not really in Cinque Terre, but close enough. This place boasts a SPA and wellness center, an outdoor pool with stunning views, and a great location in between hills and the sea.

The best hotels in Cinque Terre with a Pool

If you are looking for a hotel with a pool in Cinque Terre, on top of the options already mentioned above, some of the nicest hotels are in La Spezia. Not exactly in Cinque Terre but close enough by train or car, here are 2 of my favorite hotels with a pool.

Le Ville Relais

Even though you will need a car if you choose to stay at this hotel, it will be worth it for the remote location, outstanding view and incredible pool.

Additionally, the hotel’s restaurant has a Michelin star so you will be able to taste some of the best food on the Ligurian Coast.

Miramare Apartments&Suites

A charming villa with a great infinity pool and a private garden with a terrace where you can have breakfast and dinner with a view.

If, however, you are traveling with your family or group of friends and are looking for a villa with a pool, here are a few options I would book without blinking.


It is an Italian villa that fits up to 6 guests in its 3 bedrooms and it is nestled on top of countryside hills, offering breathtaking views over the Ligurian riviera.

You will have access to a private swimming pool, and the villa is split into 2 apartments, each with its own living room area and kitchen.


A larger villa that would guest up to 10 people, with a big pool, nestled on the Ligurian hills. It is a perfect getaway for a family looking for tranquility, at the same time offering plenty of options for fun activities.

You will also have access to a sauna, gym, volleyball area, barbeque, and much more.

While this villa might not be the best place to stay in Cinque Terre because it is set a bit further away from the reservation, you can easily do day trips to the colorful villages.

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