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When traveling to the Northern part of Italy, Genoa should not be avoided. Whether you spend just one day in Genoa or choose to stay here for a long weekend or much more, here are the best ideas for day trips from Genoa.

Day trips from Genoa that will impress you

I was lucky to discover Genoa many years ago, and since then I’ve returned twice – once on a day in Genoa trip getting from Milan to the Cinque Terre, and the other during a cruise trip in the Meditteranean which had a stop in Savona.

Even though the town is very old and has been very important throughout the years (founded in the 6th century B.C., later on, Genoa was an independent city-state and one of the most important ports in Italy for many years), today it is not one of the top tourist attractions in Italy.

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Perfectly located on the Italian Northern Riviera, the town offers plenty of options for spending time and taking day trips from Genoa.

Boccadasse, Genoa

Day trips from Genoa
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Not really a day trip outside of Genoa, since Boccadasse is part of the city just a bit outside of Genoa’s center. But you should not miss Boccadasse Genoa, because the sight is just amazing.

Moreover, here is where I had the best ice cream in my life the Antica Gelateria Amedeo. And trust me, with at least one trip to Italy in the past 10 years, having lived there for almost one year, I have had plenty of ice cream.

What else to do in Boccadasse, Genoa?

Bring a towel and catch some sun, come in the evening for a drink on the small beach, walk on the waterfront, and take in the stunning views and the sea.

How to get to Boccadasse from Genoa

From the city center in Genoa to Boccadasse it is an easy 15-minute drive, and you can also take a bus or a train.


Another port town in Liguria, many ofter overlook Savona, but it is such a great destination for a day trip from Genoa. Here is where we stopped during our cruise on the Mediterranean Sea.

Whether you choose to stroll through the port of Savona, see Savona’s Sistine Chapel, learn a little bit of history at the medieval Fortress and the Archeological Museum, or go to the beach, this Italian town won’t disappoint.

The train from Genoa to Savona takes roughly one hour and costs only 6 EUR.


Finalborgo and Noli

Day trips from Genoa

I must admit I loved both Finalborgo and Noli a whole lot!

Both are small, and infused with history, one by the sea, while the other is perched on a hill, these are the places where you will be able to get lost on the streets without tourists.

The water in Noli was utterly blue, while the climb on the hill in Finalborgo (or Finale Ligure) offered great views over the city walls and cobbler stone houses.

Rent a car and drive the whole way from Noli to Genoa along the coast, because that’s where the wow factor is.

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Day trips from Genoa
Photo by Francesca Petringa on Unsplash

Another iconic view in Liguria, and the perfect day trip from Genoa, Camogli is such a beautiful gem by the sea.

This is the local beach destination outside of Genoa, but you can also wander around on the streets with colorful buildings.

Just before you go, stop by and eat some delicious seafood at one of the restaurants with stunning views.

How to get from Genoa to Camogli

Drive for roughly 35 minutes, or take the regional train for the same amount of time.

The French Riviera

Genoa day trips
Photo by redcharlie on Unsplash

Nice, Monaco, Cannes, yellow Menton, just to name a few of the Frenc towns reachable by car or by train in less than 3 hours from Genoa, Italy.

And come on, who doesn’t dream about seeing this part of the world, with a French twist?

But I honestly think Italy is the cheaper version of this part of the Riviera, thus a good idea to stay in and spend a day in Southern France.


Cinque Terre

My complete guide to Cinque Terre

Yes, day trips from Genoa to Cinque Terre are possible. Why do I say it in the plural? Well, because the Cinque Terre has much more to offer and you will want to see all the 5 villages on separate days.

Also, you might want to go from Genoa to Portofinothe famous Italian town known as being such a fancy destination.

You can easily organize everything by train, because it is rather difficult to park in the Cinque Terre, and if you do find a place it is usually really expensive.



Portofino, a charming coastal village on the Italian Riviera, is renowned for its beauty, picturesque harbor, and upscale atmosphere. Moreover, it is easily reached on a day trip from Genoa.

The small harbor of Portofino is a postcard-perfect scene, filled with luxury yachts, fishing boats, and pastel-colored buildings. It’s a delightful place to stroll along the waterfront, take photos, and enjoy the maritime atmosphere.

Visit the historic landmarks in Portofino, such as the Castello Brown, a fortress with panoramic views of the village and the sea. The Church of St. Martin is another notable landmark, featuring a simple yet elegant design.

How to get from Genoa to Portofino

Getting from Genoa to Portofino is very easy no matter if you would rather take the train, boat, or drive there.

The train ride takes between 35 minutes to 1 hour and costs between 5 EUR and 18 EUR, depending on the train you choose. Book your train ticket in advance here!

If you would rather go by boat and admire the beautiful city as you approach it by sea, you can book here an organized boat tour.

Driving from Genoa to Portofino takes around 50 minutes and you must get on A12/E80 from SS45. My go-to destination for the best car rental prices is DiscoverCars

Santa Margherita Ligure

Visit Santa Margherita Ligure together with Portofino for the best experience, since the 2 villages are so close to each other.

Take a leisurely stroll along the seafront promenade. Enjoy the views of the harbor, colorful buildings, and the Ligurian Sea.

Visit the main square, Piazza Martiri Dell’Olivetta, surrounded by cafes and shops. It’s a great place to people-watch and soak in the local atmosphere.

Explore the town’s main church, Basilica of Santa Margherita d’Antiochia. This baroque church dates back to the 17th century and features impressive artwork. Visit Villa Durazzo, a historic villa and gardens. The villa often hosts cultural events, and the gardens provide a peaceful retreat.


Photo by Ouael Ben Salah on Unsplash

One hour and a half away by train, Milan is another great option for a day trip from the Ligurian town of Genoa.

Marvel at the stunning Gothic architecture of the Milan Cathedral. Climb to the rooftop for panoramic views of the city. Book your ticket in advance to make the best out of your day.

Visit one of the world’s oldest shopping malls, known for its impressive glass-domed roof and high-end boutiques – Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II.

Explore the Castello Sforzesco fortress and cultural complex, home to museums and art collections, including works by Michelangelo and Leonardo da Vinci. Book your ticket here.

Book tickets in advance to see one of the most famous artworks in the world. Leonardo da Vinci’s Last Supper is housed in the Convent of Santa Maria delle Grazie.

Explore the Navigli district with its picturesque canals, trendy boutiques, and vibrant nightlife. It’s a great place to enjoy aperitivo by the water.

There are so many things you could do on a day trip to Milan.


Challenging Bologna with a large number of towers, Lucca is another underrated and less-known yet charming town worth seeing.

With its many labyrinth streets, Lucca won’t bore you for sure and will entertain you, while you discover a more quiet part of Tuscany.


So why don’t you start planning your trip to Genoa right away?

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