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Are you looking for the perfect Italian gifts for Italy lovers, without having to travel to Italy? Or maybe you’ve been already and found something someone close to you absolutely loved and want to have it shipped right at home? 

As an ultimate Italy lover myself, I know there are so many things I cannot live without and that would make perfect gifts no matter the occasion.

Keep on reading because I’ve searched the whole wide internet for some of the best Italy-themed gifts for Italy lovers – stuff they’ll actually love, use, and want more of!

From experiences to have at home if they want to have the perfect Italian inspired staycation, vouchers for unforgettable experiences for when they actually get to travel to Italy, or products they can enjoy at home – food, fashion, books, and everything in between. 

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Italy gifts for Italy lovers

30+ Authentic Italian gifts for Italy lovers


Your significant other, your parents, or your best friend cannot travel right now to Italy? The good thing about living in 2020 is that we can pretty much do anything online. 

The good thing is that, even though it is not as the real deal, it can still be authentic. 

I suggest you read my complete list of Virtual Tours of Italy for the ultimate inspiration, but here are a few handpicked experiences anyone will appreciate: 


No matter if you decide to offer an online wine-tasting experience, you can add a wine coursebook on top. Or mix this with the next point, and you’ll have the perfect gift for wine lovers. 

Italy is one of the most famous wine producers, and I’m sure anyone heard of Prosecco or Chianti, but there are so many great wines waiting for you to discover them. Sparkling wines, red wines, white or rose, you won’t go wrong when choosing one from Italy. 

Check these books out!



The Plonk Wine Club Gift is officially my favorite website!

They have tons of wines and have different gift packages you can choose from: mixed wine, white wine, and red wine. With each order, you can choose between 4 and 12 bottles – either 1 bottle of 4 types or 3 bottles of each – and you get free shipping. 

With the first shipment, they provide a free professional-grade corkscrew. Also, with each package, you will get detailed tasting notes, wine descriptions, and expertly chosen recipe pairings. 

Order your wine subscription guide here!


What wine lover wouldn’t dream of planning a road trip through the wine region in Italy? That would be a dream vacation for me, and I’m sure any Italy lover out there!

To make planning easier, the map of the wine trails of Italy would be a perfect gift. You get 125 driving tours that will take you through Italy’s wineries, towns, villages, and countryside.

From Piedmont, Liguria, Lombardy, Veneto, Toscana, and everything in between, this guide will take you through a dream Italy itinerary. 

This would go perfectly with some great Italian wine glasses.


Because food is such an important part of our lives, this gift will be appreciated by anyone!

Italian food is one of the most delicious you will find, and there are plenty of ready-made baskets that can be delivered directly to your door.

They come filled with premium quality goodies, from traditional Italian cheese, extra virgin olive oil, truffle oil, aged balsamic, and so much more. My mouth waters when I think about it!

Here are 3 awesome options!



The leather Italian products are some of the best you will find around the world.

I love exploring the small shops in Venice where I always find true gems for such low prices. They are top quality, and the good thing is that they can also be delivered to your home if you cannot go to Italy. 

A great wallet or bag will always come in handy, no matter if we talk about travel or day-to-day life. And a great quality leather product will last forever. 


Before living in Italy I wasn’t a huge coffee fan. To be fair, I didn’t drink coffee at all.

However, after a few months of living there, I was used to drinking around 4 cups every day. Because that’s the Italian way. With every meal, you have a good strong coffee. 

And trust me when I say Italians take their coffee really seriously. No matter if you take your coffee at the corner, you’ll always have a traditional “macchinetta” at home. I had one back in Romania and I carried it with me whenever I moved. 

Italian people think the older the coffee machine, the better the coffee. That’s why you will want to gift a really nice one that will last for years.

There are many brands out there, but the one you will see most in Italy is the Bialetti. My friend bought a small pink one from a shop in Amalfi and it makes for a great souvenir that you can also use. 


What goes best with a good coffee machine? Of course, some good Italian coffee. 

There are a few brands out there, but I might be biased by the fact that I’ve lived and studied in TriesteThat’s why I would always go for Illy coffee

Their little coffee place in Via delle Torri was my favorite getaway, along with the mouthwatering sweets and their small pretty spoons. 

Don’t say I haven’t told you, but Illy has a great subscription any coffee addict will jump for joy for. You get 20% off, a welcome gift, and free shipping on recurring deliveries.

If, however, you are looking for a one-off gift, check out their gift sets and make someone happy today. They even have those little spoons I once had a passion for, some pretty unique mocca coffee machines, and many more coffee accessories.

Italian gifts
Illy coffee in Sicily


Some years ago I went with some friends to Perugia during the famous chocolate fair. It was a day trip filled with all kinds of amazing chocolate options, but my favorite one will always be the Baci Perugina

Baci means kisses in Italian and they make for great gifts. The chocolate is delicious, with a whole walnut hidden at the center of quality chocolate. Each chocolate comes with a message, just like the Chinese fortune cookies, which will make them even more fun to enjoy.


One of the best and easiest ways of traveling to Italy when it is not possible, no matter the reason, is through a book set in one of the country’s beautiful towns. 

I’ve gathered here a very comprehensive list of books set in Italy to inspire your next gift. Any Italy lover will appreciate any of these books and would be able to travel from the North to the South, from charming Tuscany to authentic Sicily, and beyond. 


Love comes from the heart but it passes through the stomach, they say. And cooking a delicious Italian meal will not take a lot of time, but will leave everyone happy!

That’s why a good Italian cookbook that will guide anyone in the kitchen is a great gift, especially for Italy lovers. 

I always look for real Italian cooks who share with us their secrets and recipes they’ve learned from their parents and grandparents. 



Is the person you are looking for a gift for more into watching a cooking video? No worries, there are plenty of DVD options out there. 

I used to watch on TV the Two Greedy Italians series and I loved how fun they made it. Apart from seeing some parts of Italy I love and miss, and learning to cook the true Italian way, they are also fun and entertaining to watch. 


If they learn how to cook the real Italian way, they must absolutely have a pasta maker

Nothing compares to the taste of freshly made pasta. And nothing will make someone more happy and more accomplished than creating the whole dish from scratch. 

I know the “nonnas” used to do it by hand, but when they are just starting out, a pasta maker will make life much easier.



I’m sure any Italy lover is always planning for the next trip to the country. At least that’s what I do. In the past almost 10 years I’ve gone back over and over again, to explore every part of the country. 

When I studied there I didn’t have the internet on my phone, I didn’t even have a smartphone. And reading guides was a great experience. I still like to do that, I think it’s different than anything else. 

That’s why I think that an Italy guide would make a perfect gift. 

Here are a few great options:



For that friend who loves Italy but doesn’t speak Italian, they will have enough time to rehearse by using an Italian phrase guide.  

Of course, there are certain things you need to know before visiting the first time, and some come down to a few phrases. They will come in handy especially if you travel to smaller towns where people might not speak English. 



If the person you are looking to buy a gift for loves to travel, they will surely enjoy and find useful a travel-related passport cover

And if we’re talking about an Italy lover, you can buy a real leather Italy cover as a gift. Also, here you can find lots of pretty fun passport covers – with the map of Italy, Italy flag, different famous landmarks, or Italian words ( I like this one with “Ciao Bella“).


I just love a nice customer map to hang on my wall to remind me of the places I love more. I have one with Kotor on our bedroom wall, and that’s because it is where we met and went for our first vacation together. 

However, I would never say no to a map of Rome, or any other Italian town. And I bet neither your friend because it makes for a great Italy themed gift. 

What I also love and I think looks amazing on a wall, are the vintage prints of places like Amalfi or Capri. They just remind me of one of the most beautiful places on Earth. Of course, you’ll find also Rome, Venice, or Florence



This is a subscription box for sweet and savory Italian delicacies. 

Make the gift of 5-6 gourmet Italian treats every month ranging from salami by artisan manufacturers, biscotti from Tuscany, olives in sea salt brine from Abruzzo, grilled vegetables in extra virgin olive oil from Calabria, fruit jam from Trentino-Alto Adige, pistachio cream and chocolate bars with cinnamon from Sicily.

All the food is ready to eat and won’t require any cooking or preparation. 

Check it out and order it here!


An authentic Italian fragrance is always a great gift, no matter how many perfumes one might have. 

And Aqua di Parma is something that screams “Italy”. Its scent and its simple design are very Italian, and you can choose from the Fico di Amalfi, Arancia di Capri, Mandorlo di Sicilia, Rosa Nobile, or Magnolia Nobile.  


The most refreshing aperitivo and the prettiest design you will find in Italy. The lemons in Sorrento and Amalfi are some of the best you’ll find around the world, and they make the best limoncello.

When it comes to limoncello-inspired gifts, the options are countless:



Let me tell you a secret: Murano glass comes from the island of Murano, near Venice, but you won’t find it only there. 

I got some lovely earrings with purple Murano glass from Verona, and I received some as a gift as well from one of my besties. I absolutely love them and have taken them with me all the way to Hong Kong. 

That’s why I think a Murano glass charm or cameo would make for the perfect gift. The same goes for a colorful bracelet, hair clip, or a watch with a leather band. 


Olive oil goes with anything. Its strong taste is hard to miss, and a good type is priceless. 

The Italian Olive Oil Club has 3 types of subscriptions – from 3 months, 6 months, and 12 months. Every month, they select and send a distinctive olive oil from a different region of Italy.  A newsletter is also included in the package, with the olive oil and producer details as well as delicious recipes to savor with your family and friends.


Pocket coffee is something I’ve seen lots of people talking about in a Facebook group about Italy I’m part of.

I guess it’s a big deal since it cannot be found in the US, but I’ve never thought of it like that. Thus, it makes for a great gift for the Italy coffee lover. 

It is basically chocolate filled with strong coffee that will be an addition to the daily dose of coffee. 


Hoodies with Italian messages, dresses perfect for summer on the Amalfi Coast, shoes with lemons, or phone cases with Italian tiles I absolutely adore.

These are only a few ideas, but you’ll find plenty of options online to choose from.

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A Venetian mask is a great souvenir to bring home, but also something to offer as a gift. Before ever going to Venice, I received one mask as a gift and I absolutely loved it. It made me dream about the moment I would finally get to Italy and get to buy one myself. 

Fate made it so that I would visit Venice for the first time during Carnival – so, that’s me trying a borrowed mask from someone, don’t really remember how I got to do it. Everyone wears a costume or a mask during those days on the streets of Venice. 

The nice thing is that you’ll find plenty of options online and you won’t have to travel all the way to Venice for a mask. 

There are the ones that only cover your eyes or the whole face. No matter which one you go for, they are all unique and beautiful. 


Panettone is the traditional Italian sweet they usually have for special occasions and celebrations, such as Christmas or Easter. 

It is sweet and can come in different versions filled with chocolate, lemon, coffee, or anything else in between. However, the traditional one is simple and only has chopped dried fruit in it. 



Parmesan cheese is something Italians cannot live without. It is the ingredient that you’ll always find in their refrigerator and something I came to love and cherish as well. 

A friend of mine told me that as quarantine was starting to settle in where she lives (Germany), an Italian friend of hers made sure to order and have a whole lot of parmesan at home. Who cares about toilet paper and hand sanitizer when you stay inside and you have parmesan?

So yes, real delicious parmesan cheese would always be appreciated!



The guys at Blub create super pretty photo books that make great gifts. 

They are personalized and you can choose from different sizes, add your pictures, and create an Art & Photography book, a Memoir Book, or a Children’s picture book. 

Check it out and create the perfect gift here!


The guys over at Flytographer are great at selecting some of the best photographers on location. They have been featured everywhere from The New York Times to Martha Stewart Weddings and have been called “The Future of Travel Photography” by Conde Nast Traveler and “The #1 Gift for Travelers” by Forbes.

I’m sure the person you buy a gift for will appreciate a voucher for a photo session whenever they will be able to visit their Italy bucket list destinations. 

No matter if they are planning to visit Positano on the Amalfi Coast, Genoa, Bologna, Puglia, Cinque Terre, or anywhere in between, they will find a professional photographer on the platform. 

Just check out the stunning pictures featured on their platform! I’m sure anyone would love to have some amazing memories from Italy.

Book a gift photoshoot here!


The ultimate gift, for someone you truly care about. Booking a tour or even a plane ticket to Italy for someone who loves the destination, really screams ” I care for you”.

And trust me, they will go wild as soon as they find out about it.

I love Tourradar because they have tons of options for vacations everywhere around the world, Italy as well, of course. They offer some of the best deals worldwide, and they work with lots of tour operators in order to do that. 

Check out here all the Italy vacation options!


I know not everyone likes truffles, but if you know a lover, you’ll certainly make him or her happy with a gift including the rarest of mushrooms. 

Go for truffle cream, aged cheese with truffle, or sliced black truffles. You can find them all and much more here!


Gifts for Italy lovers

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