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I love visiting Italy no matter the season, and I’ve gone back to a different part over and over again in the last 10 years. But I must admit my favorite time of the year in Italy in Spring. And since, as women, we never know what to pack, here is my list of what you should be packing for Italy in spring

No matter which part of Italy you decide to visit next, spring is always a good idea.

The North might be a bit colder, but if you head there in April or May, chances are you’ll have plenty of sun. For example, our escape for one day in Genoa and the perfect 2 nights and 3 days in the Cinque Terre was in April, and I can easily say it was the best choice.

When heading to the South of Italy, you can easily expect spring vibes as early as February. You can maybe head to the beach in late April and early May. 

Since Italy is big and the distance from North to South is large enough to experience temperature differences, here are a few general guidelines (Check out the average temperatures at the end of the post).

Just remember to always check the weather forecast before and during your trip, just before you go out so that you can leave prepared to make the best out of your day, no matter the weather.

MARCH – The weather can be moody, cold, and wet, especially in Northern Italy. As you travel more to the South temperatures could rise slightly. While in Milan or Rome you could expect a maximum of 13 degrees C (56 degrees F), in  Palermo or Cagliari you would get 15 degrees C (58 degrees F) or above. 

When you choose March as your travel month, bring on an umbrella, a jacket, and some good rain shoes. Although, I’ve spent 2 perfect days in Bologna in February and got no rain and some sun.

APRIL – I love traveling to Italy in April. The sun is up, without melting you. Many places are not as crowded as they might get later on in June or July. And, even though, the full season has not started yet in some places, you still have plenty to do and see.  

April can be, together with October, one of the best months to travel to Italy. But you will still need a denim or a light leather jacket, some good shoes to walk in (sports shoes, or flats), and a scarf to wear when night falls.

What to wear in Italy in Spring
Portovenere in April

MAY –  With constant over 20 degrees C temperatures (64 degrees F), May can sometimes get hot enough for you to head to the beach. The best thing you could do for this time of the year is come prepared with many layers, so you can lose some of them at noon, and bring them up again as the night starts to fall.

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Packing for Italy in spring: travel essentials

When it comes to style in Italy, since high-end fashion has its home here, many might think that’s what people wear all the time. And you couldn’t be more wrong.

It’s not like they don’t care about what they wear, but Italians care about comfort as well. And that should be the first thing you think about when wondering what to wear in Italy in spring. 

Yes, they might be more prone to buying “Made in Italy” products, but most do their shopping also at international brands. 

Of course, in bigger cities such as Milan, Florence, or Rome, you will see people heading for work or having aperitivo right after work and before dinner.  They will most probably be wearing office clothing, but you’re on vacation and you need to be comfortable, while still a bit stylish. 

You don’t want to look like you are heading to the gym, but there’s an easy way to mix comfort with style.

The thing is, your own travel style will influence a lot of what you pack to take with you to Italy in spring.  

I personally like to look good and take beautiful pictures, while still being able to walk over 20 kilometers every day. And I manage to do just that since I’ve learned a lot along the way: from back pain from carrying around a huge bag to blisters on my feet from wearing inappropriate shoes. 

So that’s why I’m here: to help you avoid all my previous mistakes and know exactly what to wear in Italy in spring for a comfy and stylish look.

Bring some (Converse) sneakers or trainers

Yes, I’m a big Converse sneakers fan. And I honestly think they are the best when it comes to traveling to Italy. 

I can wear them with almost anything, and they still look nice. Of course, any kind of trainers will be good for your feet whenever you have to walk up and down stairs, and cobblestone streets (as you might on the Amalfi Coast, or in Cinque Terre).

If this is your first trip to Italy or Europe, you must get ready to pay extra attention to where you place your feet. Streets are often paved with cobblestone, ancient sights have slippery stones, and apart from attention, having the right shoes is crucial.

And they even look good with dresses!

Comfortable pants with casual tops

Honestly, this is a look you can never go wrong with no matter where you are traveling to. And it is something worth always having in your luggage. 

Even though, you can never have too many casual tops, depending on your trip length it is good to have at least 3 with you.

You can mix and match, and you can style it up with a sweater for when it gets a bit chilly. I always have a white or black cardigan with me, which acts really great as an extra layer for when it gets warmer or cooler. 

A few comfortable but stylish casual dresses

As I’ve said, I love feeling free and comfortable, but as well I want to take those Instagram-perfect pictures.

Luckily, there are plenty of options out there that will give you the freedom to move, while making you look lovely. 

Colorful, short, or midi dresses, that can always be worn with a shirt on top to get 2 looks with one item.

A cashmere scarf or a wrap

No matter where I am, I always carry with me a cashmere scarf. In Asia, I take it around also during Summer because everywhere you go the AC is so strong and I freeze. 

When I travel to Italy during spring or fall, I always have it around because it is so easy to wrap it around my neck or even wear it over my shoulders.

It does not take up a lot of space, it always comes in handy during long-haul flights, and you can style any outfit with it.

A small crossbody purse or a backpack

Whenever I travel, I make sure I have a small crossbody purse. That way, I can easily carry around my money, card, and ID. 

A crossbody purse is something you need to wear in Italy in spring, also because you will have more control over your belongings. I love straw bags and I think they are very fashionable and can be mixed with almost anything.

Understandably, I always travel with my camera, and sometimes I find it easier to have a good leather backpack where I can deposit it when I don’t need it any longer. 

This would come in handy also if you want to have other things on hand, such as napkins, medicine, or sunscreen.


What I’ve learned throughout time is to never forget my sunglasses whenever I travel to Italy, no matter the season. 

You never know how lucky you will be, and maybe you’ll have sun even in February. Even more when you travel to Italy during Spring. 

Moreover, a nice pair of sunnies will give your outfit an extra flair and make you look more stylish. 

Finally, if you invest in only one thing when it comes to what to wear in Italy in spring, that should be sunglasses. I prefer spending less on dresses, skirts, or pants, and investing in some good quality sunglasses. 

A leather/suede or denim jacket 

Once night falls, rather early in spring, temperatures drop and you will need a leather or suede jacket. I am a leather jacket kind of girl, but sometimes I like being more casual and opt for a denim jacket

I love how versatile all options are, and how I can wear them both with casual dresses and sneakers or with a more stylish dress to go out for dinner at a fancy restaurant. 

A straw hat

straw hat is not only a good accessory keeping you safe from the sun but also a great picture prop.  “I did it for the gram” would turn out handy when you go for hikes or explore ancient sites. 

The sun in Italy is pretty strong, whether you go in March or June, thus a straw hat is a great idea no matter when you travel.

A nice dress

It doesn’t have to be too fancy, and a black dress would do just fine. But you will need something nice when you go out for a delicious dinner at a fancier restaurant.

A black dress with a colorful cashmere scarf (the scarf you already have with you) could turn out to be a great option for a night out at a Michelin-star restaurant in Cinque Terre for example. 

Some good comfortable jeans 

The jeans are my go-to option, especially in moody weather. Since in spring, the weather can be unexpected, you better be safe than sorry.

A great pair of jeans is so versatile and can be worn with a t-shirt, a hoody, or a fancy blazer

A colorful umbrella

That’s the truth: I always have an umbrella in my travel bag. And that’s even a greater necessity when I travel in spring or fall because you never know what the weather god will think and when it will rain.

After I’ve bought not so good umbrellas at an inflated price, because I had to, in Rome or Budapest, I’ve learned to always have a good one with me. 

Look at the bright side: it is not only handy when it starts to rain, but you can also use it as a great photography prop.

Some Extra tips

  • Never take brand-new shoes with the intent of wearing them for the first time on your trip to Italy. No matter if they are sneakers or comfortable shoes, they need to loosen up before.
  • Make sure your shoes don’t have a smooth sole, otherwise, you will risk slipping on the stone pavements.
  • Don’t bring high heels, especially when visiting a place with many stairs like Cinque Terre or Amalfi. I wouldn’t recommend it for Rome or Florence either since most streets have cobblestone. 

Italy Average Temperatures

Milan Average Temperatures

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Venice Average Temperatures

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Florence Average Temperatures

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Rome Average Temperatures

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Palermo Average Temperatures

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